Rokubun sponsors the motor-racing team Formula Student UPV by providing JASON, Rokubun's service for accurate geo-location, to improve the car's performance in autonomous-driving events.

FSUPV car in autonomous mode

Formula Student is an international competition that aims to promote excellence in engineering, allowing students to put in practice all their knowledge and foster their skills as a team in a competitive environment. For that purpose, the teams compete in static and dynamic events that reward the vehicles' performance and speed.

Nine years ago, five students of Aerospatial engineering from the Politechnical University of Valencia decided to use their knowledge to participate in the Formula Student and created the Formula Student UPV Team.

The project grew, and last year the FSUPV Team decided to start with the challenge of replacing the precision of an expert driver with a completely autonomous system.


In 2022, ROKUBUN provided the team with its on-cloud service, JASON. JASON is a post-processing service that provides accurate location of the vehicle and allows the FSUPV Team to improve the accuracy of the track.

"In every edition and prototype, the team establishes new goals and encounters new challenges they face applying the knowledge from classes and the garage. Besides, the support from our sponsors is of utmost importance, and this year we have more than 100", explained the director of the project, Juan José Cañizares.