Accurate & Scalable Navigation Solutions

We are a solution oriented company focused on accurate and scalable Navigation technologies beyond those based on classical Global Navigation Satellite System.

Keep GNSS navigation simple

ARGONAUT PPK receiver achieves better than 40 cm accuracy when post-processing with JASON PaaS, our precise GNSS cloud service. Conceived to be easy to use and deploy for drone operations.
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Our Products

Focused on accurate and scalable navigation solutions , Rokubun offers positioning solutions targeted to the moving devices market and, in particular,  to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Location-based services, V2X technologies (Connected Car), wide area logistics and precision farming.


GNSS PPK receiver able to provide scalable accurate geo-location: real time accuracy of 2 m and off-line accuracy better than 0.4 m using Jason.


Rokubun's cloud service for scalable GNSS data processing. Try it out, with either our Argonaut or with data from your own GNSS receiver.


Upcoming Rokubun's affordable multi-frequency GNSS receiver. Compact and light-weight multi-sensor device with powerful open computing capabilities.

Applications based on GNSS

Location-based Services

Smartphones account for more than 80% of GNSS chipsets installed world-wide. Rokubun develops technology for accurate LBS applications in smart cities.

Precision Farming

ARGONAUT + Jason is a useful navigation tool helping farmers to keep a precise track of their production, to improve decision-making and to enhance the quality and quantity of the crop-yield.

Autonomous Car

The future of the automobile industry is going towards higher levels of autonomy, making the vehicles intelligent enough to become completely driverless in the near future. In order to achieve that goal hundreds of cars must be equipped with a highly precise, yet cost-effective GNSS receivers.


Drone operators more than anyone else recognise the need for post-process geolocation accuracy, but settle for less due to the prohibitive high cost of the most accurate systems.

Our Clients

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