Rokubun is nominated to the Best Business Initiative by AIJEC, The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Catalonia.

AIJEC is an association of young entrepreneurs in Catalonia and this year, it has nominated Rokubun to the Best Business Iniciative.

"It was a pleasure to explain our project and share all the inspiring stories from the other candidates", says Xavier Banqué, CEO of the company

Rokubun develops accurate navigation solutions (geolocation) for mass-market devices. Their main product is JASON, a new concept called Positioning-as-a-Service. JASON is an on-cloud service that provides precise geolocation information at affordable costs, allowing users to optimize their operations in a scalable way.

Other nominates were Meeting Lawyers, an online platform of legal advice that aims to digitalize access to the legal orientation, and Blue Box, a biomedical device inspired by the dog smell that can detect breast cancer through a urine test.

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Accurate and scalable navigation solutions