What can JASON cloud PPK do for you?

  • With JASON, the latest satellite navigation technology for accurate geolocation is now affordable. You will get highly accurate geolocation with no need to invest in an expensive base station.
  • Subscribe to JASON before the end of March to get one extra free month of full-fledged service.
  • JASON works under a freemium pricing model, making it possible to use it for free or to subscribe to monthly professional or premium plans.

After a while operating in its beta stage, the fully operational JASON version will now be live.

How does JASON work?

JASON is a Post Processed Kinematic satellite positioning service in the cloud that allows achieving highly accurate geolocation by uploading GPS / GNSS campaign data. JASON will try to obtain the best possible positioning solution on a best effort basis: Post Positioning Kinematic (PPK) with the nearest GNSS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) in our database or on your own provided station in case no close CORS is available, or Precise Post Positioning. The data can be processed interactively by using our web page https://www.rokubun.cat/ or automating your workflow via our API.

Also, JASON features a data conversion service for GNSS Raw measurements. Compatible with Argonaut, Ublox, Septentrio, Android GnssLogger, and any receiver able to export industry standard RINEX v2 or v3 file format. This service is free-of-charge.

According to Robukun’s CEO Xavier Banqué-Casanovas, JASON cloud service allows users to get the best possible performance out of their GNSS equipment with no need for special installation nor updates requirements, but just an internet browser.

Plan and pricing

JASON works under a freemium price model. You can subscribe to our pay-per-use plan to enjoy 10000 PPK/PPP processed samples free per month, and additionally unlimited GNSS Conversion and Single Point Positioning Processing. Or you can subscribe to the professional and premium monthly plans that include respectively a flat rate of 200000 or  800000 PPK/PPP samples per month, additionally to full tech support.

Besides, to celebrate JASON’s launch, only until 31/03/21, everybody who registers to the service will get one extra month of free full service.

For more information about the plan and pricing, you can visit the JASON website

About Rokubun

Rokubun was founded in 2015 in Barcelona, Spain by Xavier Banqué-Casanovas and Miquel Garcia-Fernàndez, two telecommunication engineers. Currently, Rokubun has a staff of 14 employees.

Rokubun is a solution-oriented company focused on accurate and scalable Navigation technologies beyond those based on classical Global Navigation Satellite System.

We offer positioning solutions targeted to the moving devices market and, in particular,  to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Location-based services, V2X technologies (Connected Car), wide area logistics, and precision farming.

Contact details:

Elsy Hernández


+34 935 99 21 54