You have probably heard that drones are increasingly being used in areas such as agriculture, real estate, construction, and mining to collect mapping and modeling data, consequently the demand for drone mapping services has increased, therefore you may feel interested in pursuing your future career in this sector or maybe you are only looking to elevate your skills in photogrammetry.

Whether you are starting up, or are already a pro, we have created a selection of quality drone photogrammetry courses and training in the world.

Some of the best courses and trainings in drone photogrammetry

From Barcelona, to the United States, passing by Canada and the UK, we have selected some courses to start flying your drone or to keep building your photogrammetry capability. The selection has been based on the company credentials, years of experience, and course reviews. We do not intend to endorse nor recommend anyone, but we are just sharing the results of our best effort findings.

For those of you that are ready to take their photogrammetry projects to the next level, we have also created a webinar explaining all the benefits of using JASON PPK in a drone photogrammetry operation. You can watch it here

Here’s where we’re going, in case you want to jump ahead:

Drone photogrammetry and precision agriculture training and courses at Barcelona drone center

As its name indicates Barcelona drone center is more than a school where you can not only take drone-related courses, but it is also one of the only 10 drone centers in the world, the first civilian drone company in Europe, and one of the first movers in the world.

This center is international and you can find training and courses in English and Spanish.

Currently, they have online edition trainings in the use of drones in precision agriculture, where you will learn key knowledge about remote sensing in agriculture, crop monitoring, and advances in disease detection. Cost of the training from 595€ ($723.85).

Another popular training in this center is drone remote sensing applications. 5 days training about UAV remote sensing and photogrammetry use-cases for business and society. Cost of the training from 595€ ($723.85).

In this center you also have the opportunity to become an Official EU Drone Pilot and get an official certificate that will allow you to operate in all EU member countries.

For more information about the drone photogrammetry courses and training, you can visit its website:

Drone mapping and photogrammetry course at Altohelix

Altohelix, is a company from Ontario, Leaders in drone/RPAS enabled services and aerial technology. They offer professional career training in drone mapping and photogrammetry (using Pix4D). In this 2 days in-person course, you will learn the basics of capturing photographic data and processing it within Pix4D photogrammetry software. This course combines theoretical classes with on-field practices. The price of this course is $1,499.00.

As Prerequisites to participate in the course, attendees must have a Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations or SFOC or have completed RPAS Ground School and Flight training by Altohelix Drone with high-resolution camera (16MP or higher resolution preferred)

In Altohelix, you can also prepare to get the basic and advanced SMALL RPAS certificates.

For more information about the drone photogrammetry course and the preparation to RPAS Certifications go to its web

Drone mapping courses and training at Drone U Flight School

Drone U flight is the largest online drone training school, however, they also have in-person training. Whether you are starting up or you have been in this area for a while, drone U can be the perfect place to start learning or to keep you up to date with the latest trends in the drone sector.

You can access all the courses, webinars, and preparation for the Part 107 Test that they have done and they will do anytime, by subscribing to its drone training platform and community for only 47$ per month. By being part of this community, you will receive a discount for its in-person courses as well. All the content in the platform is organized by modules and sub-categories, so information is easy to digest.

If you opt for in-person training, you can improve your drone piloting and business skill development and choose to receive one-to-one or group training. To select the training that better suits you. Click on this link, and you can select the courses by location, instructor or training. Once you have selected either of these options, schedule it and that is it.

In Drone U flight, you can find courses and webinars on a wide variety of drone-related areas, but in the specific area of drone mapping, you have the shooting & mapping Construction sites course, cell tower mapping, solar inspection with drones, and more.

Further information about school training and courses here

Aerial Survey, Inspection, Mapping and Photogrammetry Training at Prodrone academy

Prodrone is  a civil aviation academy authorised recognised assessment entity (RAE), specialised in commercial drone training across the UK and online.

Whether your business operates in aerial photography, cinematography, mapping, surveying, or photogrammetry, in Prodrone academy, you can find the ideal course for you.

The focus of this academy is to help you to get all the skills from beginner to professional and also to give you all the skills that you need to become a drone pilot and to make a successful business of it, this means that they don't stop working with the student when they earnt the Permission for Commercial Operation for UK ( PfCO) but they support both students and their new businesses from inception to success and beyond.

The Aerial Survey, Inspection, Mapping and Photogrammetry Training is an in-depth 2-day course that covers the fundamental and principles of aerial imaging. You will be able to understand how to accurately plan and collate images from various sUAS platforms to produce enhanced geospatial products and to present this processed information in different formats to clients. The price of this course is 595£ (842 $ US dollars)

In this academy you also have the opportunity to get a GVC and A2 C of C certifications in 2 days.

For more information about Prodorne academy courses visits its website

Aerial Mapping and Modeling with Drone workshop at Dart Drones

Dartdrones is a company located in Utah, USA and they offer training for enterprise clients, government agencies, public safety departments, and individuals. In their training offer, you can find in person classes, online courses and live virtual training.

The Aerial Mapping and Modeling with Drone Deploy is a 2 days workshop, the first day will focus on data collection and the second on data analysis and accuracy.  With this workshop, you will learn to use the latest drone mapping technology to collect, analyze and export high-quality mapping and modeling data for commercial use. Price $1,490.00.

You also have the opportunity to do this workshop online in 4 weeks for $780.00.  Find more information about all training options here

Comparative chart

In this comparative chart, you can easily find the main highlights of the courses focused in drone photogrammetry