Some topicsThis conference, devoted to GNSS technology, was held in ESTEC/ESA (Noordwijk, The Netherlands) between 14 and 16th December 2016.

Some topics

The sessions of this conference covered topics on Galileo signal processing, receiver technology, interference and jamming, …

Some of the projects that were presented are:

  1. Review and state of GNSS reflectometry for Earth Observation.
  2. Cloud computing platform for GNSS data, developed by the SPCOMMNAV group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This project implements, in the cloud, algorithms for IF and baseband data processing (i.e. tracking loops, acquisition, …), but also contains a navigation engine to deliver PVT.
  3. GNSS IF datalogger for UAV applications, developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). This platform records IF samples so that then e.g. ultra-tight integration with IMU sensors could be exercised.

Rokubun presented the Poor Man’s DGNSS technique (PMDGNSS). PMDGNSS allows to apply differential corrections for the ionosphere directly in the PVT estimates. This application is targeted to low cost GNSS receivers that do not provide with raw GNSS measurements.

Presentation and Paper

You can find the presentation following the following links: