Drone operators more than anyone else recognize the need for post-process geolocation accuracy, but settle for less due to the prohibitive high cost of the most accurate systems. GNSS receivers offering results within decimeters can cost thousands of dollars — well beyond the reach of most firms with multiple drones in use. However, now we are witnessing exciting times as low-cost high precision GNSS receivers emerge to challenge the too expensive and overly complex old models. That search for lower prices and high precision through innovation is behind the creation of ARGONAUT Rx + SaaS – a groundbreaking combination, perfectly suited to meet the UAV community´s needs with the best cost-accuracy ratio on the market.

An accurate GNSS receiver is a must for all UAV models, regardless of the task they are performing – an unmanned system without a proper geolocation cannot navigate with the needed amount of control and precision. A particularly strong need for exact location tracking during flight and data logging afterwards have all professional UAV operating firms that perform high precision tasks like topographic analysis, photogrammetry, 3D terrain mapping, etc.