Keep GNSS navigation simple

ARGONAUT PPK receiver achieves better than 40 cm accuracy when post-processing with JASON PaaS, our precise GNSS cloud service. Conceived to be easy to use and deploy for drone operations.

255€ + taxes

Argonaut Kit

ARGONAUT with hot-shoe adapter and cabling for Pixhawk2

290€ + taxes

How it combines with JASON?

The solution consists in two parts that can work independently of each other, though they achieve optimal performance when combined

Get location accuracies better than 40 cm processing ARGONAUT data with JASON, leading to 5 cm horizontal RMSE ortho-products.

Insert your microSD card and a power supply (via either USB or the 6-pin JST-GH connector) to kickof. Easy plug-and-play format to make it even simpler to deploy.

Purchase comes with a 1-year free subscription to JASON, our cloud based precise GNSS processing servicewhich works best if combined with ARGONAUT.

Best deal both solo and with the hot-shoe & cabling kit. Its affordability added to the decimetric accuracy obtained provides the user with scalability.

ARGONAUT is a small (65 x 65 x 20 mm), low-consuming (80 mA), light weighted (60 g) and compact device which includes an embedded antenna.

Use ARGONAUT kit option as a dual function GNSS solution: real time navigation and timing payload receiver. Generate accurate geotagging for captured external events.