JASON is a positioning service in the cloud. You can achieve high-accurate geolocation by uploading your GPS / GNSS campaign data. Process your data interactively using this web page or automate your workflow via our API. Also, Jason features a data conversion service for multiple GNSS Raw measurements formats. Rokubun JASON is a cloud engine to process GNSS data. Upload your GNSS data (from an Argonaut GNSS receiver or your own) and it will try to obtain the best possible positioning solution on a best effort basis (i.e. will apply Post Positioning Kinematic if there is a nearby station, or Precise Post Positioning if precise GNSS products are available)

![JASON GNSS Data Processor](https://i0.wp.com/rokubun.cat/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Screen-Shot-2019-01-07-at-17.53.17.png?resize=768%2C494 "JASON GNSS Data Processor")
![JASON ARGONAUT data transformer](https://i0.wp.com/rokubun.cat/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Screen-Shot-2019-01-07-at-17.59.23.png?resize=768%2C421 "JASON ARGONAUT data transformer")

Obtaining the geolocation data in real time has its downsides and requires specific setup conditions in the surroundings to make it work correctly. That is why we offer a unique postprocessing service not relying on ad-hoc deployed base GNSS receivers. The benefits from JASON Cloud PPK go well beyond traditional RTK – it is fully functional, saving time and effort from rover-base station integration, and notably increases the true absolute precision, diminishing errors to less than 40 cm (single-frequency). With JASON, the corrected geolocation data is delivered in minutes and is ready to use for mapping, photogrammetry, 3D terrain modeling, topographic surveys and all other applications.

  • Affordable – JASON offers various payment plans that adapt to the individual needs of the client and how frequently he needs it. It is pay-per-use based, with no fixed fee subscription.
  • Accurate – JASON offers absolute geolocation with an error of less than 40cm (single-frequency).  The industry standard for the accuracy of most commercial stand-alone receivers is around 2-2,5 meters of discrepancy, so our PPK offers a quality improvement by a factor of 4-5 times better than traditional equipment. When using ARGONAUT data get as well accurate attitude data via hybrid GNSS-IMU processing.
  • Easy-to-use –Drag-and-drop to transfer the GNSS data to our platform and receive in minutes the corrected precise geolocation.  Alternatively, you can also provide your own base station data. Additionally, you can use our API to automate your processing workflow. Accuracy is that easy, when you let us do all the work for you!