How to convert Argonaut log file

This how-to-guides shows how to convert the Argonaut log file stored in the SD card and obtain both the GNSS observables (in RINEX format) as well as the IMU data (in CSV text format). This can be useful if you want to perform the data processing with your own tools. Note that if you use Rokubun PaaS to process the data you do not need to perform this step as the service accepts Argonaut data files.

You have 3 options to do that:

  1. Use our Positioning-as-a-Service (
    Rokubun PaaS contains a data conversion service that is free for all Argonaut owners.
  2. Use UNAVCO’s teqc tool
  3. Use RTKlibconvbin tool

Note that the last 2 options will only extract the GNSS measurements and output them in RINEX 2 format. There will be no IMU data.

Below, you have the tutorials to do the conversion for each of these approaches

Data conversion using Rokubun PaaS
Data conversion using teqc
Data conversion using convbin